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Come take a walk on the wild side.Daryl, Rick, Lila, Kate and Tawny and all the others out thee are just some very nice personal examples of why so many of us have been drawn to the lifestyle. For these, and so many other reasons, are the reasons why I keep working so hard at promoting this lifestyle. And while there are failures, successes continue to outweigh. Nevertheless, I find it is a success when a person who should not be living aboard is ultimately talked out of the lifestyle. We don’t win with numbers, but rather with more examples of how wonderful and personally fulfilling this lifestyle can be.

Calm waters,

Mark N.

A few bad apples and landlubber support

This attached article reflects the ongoing tension between the little board community and the community-at-large. The article itself, and the accompanying commentary, overtly reflect the ongoing tension between historic versus progressive movement, and the monetary concerns that are reflected throughout the land-based community when it comes to support of the community and the waterways. Given the dilapidated condition of many of the boats described in this article, it would seem as if the community presented in this case is a perfect case study of this disconnect.

One issue not highlighted in this article is that of environmental concerns. This is the third leg of the anti-live aboard stool.

As a member of both communities it is hard not to see the core justification in both sides’ position, although so many of the positions are often fueled by mis-perception and scapegoating.  In reality, this dialog, relived in scores of communities, tends to be more aptly described as a political dialog rather than a social one.  For instance, the boaters are a group easily targeted, diverse and unrepresented, while other segments of society who are better represented can be  a much more significant draw on a community’s social, monetary and environmental infrastructure (see, for instance, fishing boats and impoverished communities).

With that in mind, here is one recent example of this dialog.

Bainbridge liveaboards facing ‘end of days’ – Bainbridge Island Review

In future discussions, we will visit some of the neighborhood revitalization issues and the impact on the boating community.

Calm waters,

Mark N.

Choosing between a New or Used Boat

Here is an article that is very high level and probably not many of the issues that  I would point out when it comes to choosing the right boat.  We have posted a video on the multimedia page, which includes lots of interviews and opinions on the subject area.  but while the advice here is accurate, through the years it has appeared that the tried and true test of whether a person will buy a new or used boat is more aptly one of preference and desire for new boat then it is a question of logic.  for all of the reasons suggested by the author and the section “depreciation”,  logic nearly always suggests that the best value is in a used boat-something tested and already refined for purpose.

A very happy new year everybody; and as always thank you very much for visiting.  Enjoy the article!

Calm waters,

Mark N.

Boat Living Revisited

how to get rid of eye floaters: Boat Living Revisited « 028818 Blog

Best,  Mark Nicholas

Another WILD book review: Essentials of Living AboardAnother WILD book review: Essentials of Living Aboard

I love that this book keeps getting noticed.  Here is a review  of the Essentials that I enjoyed reading.

paws and reflect…: aboard…

Happy New Year Liveaboards

Wishing you a very happy new year – I wanted to share an article that I found enjoyable. – click HERE

New Orleans Liveaboards

Published: March/April 2005
Living Aboard magazine

Yeah sure, everyone’s heard of Bourbon St., but for me, a life-long resident of New Orleans, the epicenter of the city is in West End on the other side of the floodwall running along Lake Marina Ave. In a city surrounded by water and resting nearly eight feet below sea-level, that’s home to three yacht clubs including the second oldest club in the country, has three major marinas with plans for another 700+ slips and has one of the most laissez-faire attitudes in the world, it should surprise no one that New Orleans is one of the few remaining liveaboard friendly cities in the country. And consequently, it has a very active liveaboard population that can rival the French Quarter for its characters.

I’ve Been Busy!!!

I must apologize for my absence. I hope that all is going well for you in your liveaboard dreams. My disappearance, however, was due to a number of life changes going on in my world. I got married and, after months of just way too much going on, then decided to take some time off.

This is a post not about living aboard but about living your dream. To that end, I would like to share a little photo montage with you. If you’re not doing anything, consider sharing in the event with us. Here is the link: PHOTO MONTAGE

Also, if you are interested in checking out the still photos, here is a link to a few of our favorites: PHOTOS

We’ll get back to living aboard in a little bit. But for now, perhaps a bit more champagne and Jimmy Buffett!

Here’s the Article!!!

Appearance on the Jerry Doyle Radio Show!!!

As a bit of a surprise, I ended up finding myself on the Jerry Doyle radio show as one of the nice benefits of the LA Times article.  Jerry is fantastic and, to me, a household name, and this was a very special experience for me.  My little six minutes of fame.  I  just received the sound file of my appearance and thought I’d post this for your listening pleasure.

While there are always things I would do differently (like us the word “um” less), my overall impression of this experience is that this was an awful lot of fun.  As this was only the second time to ever do this, I’m pretty ecstatic.  And when it comes to helping promote the liveaboard lifestyle, I  believe that it is things like this that help us to be perceived not as aberrant (and dare I say insane), but really quite normal if just a touch alternative.

So without further adieu,   Jerry Doyle Show segment on Living Aboard Boats

The LA Times Article! : Drop Anchor, You’re Home

How cool is this! The article has come out, and aside from a handful of factual errors that relate to me (I’m happy about them actually because I don’t want everyone to know exactly where I am), I couldn’t possibly be happier with the article. Huge thanks to Ann Brenoff who approached this subject out of the blue. So nice!

Drop anchor, you’re home – Los Angeles Times

Drop anchor, you’re home
With housing prices high, living on a boat is gaining popularity among ocean lovers.
Ann Brenoff, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 22, 2007Living aboard
There are few issues in a marina more likely to rock the boats than the topic of live-aboards — people or families who live full time on board.

For some, it’s the fulfillment of a fantasy lifestyle — the freedom to pick up anchor on a whim, living unburdened by possessions beyond one’s true needs. But the reality is that people choose to live on the water for a number of practical reasons as well.

Ok – it’s time for a bit of comedy. Here are two of the photos from the LA Times. There is nothing like having my funny mug taking up so much space in the news 🙂

LA Times Real Estate Section July 22, 2007 Lounging in the Salon

That’s enough for today. Enjoy!

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The LA Times Article

We made the Los Angeles Times Real Estate section. I don’t know what to expect, but I do know that there will be an article on living aboard boats in the upcoming Sunday edition of the times. There may even be a photo of my ugly mug as well! As soon as the article is available, I’ll place a link.

The NEW Living Aboard Website is Alive!

How fun!  Finally, the multimedia works on the new version of the website, including the fancy video of me making an introduction.  There are some great educational videos (at least I hope that they’re great), a new look and feel, and my hope that the site is finally starting to provide some good information to people who are interested in life aboard.  Be sure to check it out!  It is still right where the old site lived, at:

How cool.  Rob at Flashking did the design and I’m really proud of what he came up with.  Stay tuned!