Just added – New FAQ on Living Aboard Costs!

maxI never really thought to add a separate FAQ on costs – but it turns out that it is better late than never. Here is a short FAQ – as well as a link to the super-often-requested spreadsheet.

How much does it cost to live aboard a boat?

It depends. Questions of cost when it comes to boating are not easy to answer without a bit of other information. It really depends not only on the boat, but your location, climate tolerance, storage requirements, marina and more. How often you use your boat, as well as the conditions in which you use it, also can have a substantial impact on costs and expenses.Nevertheless, this is among the most important questions you can have – and as they say… if you have to ask the question about cost, then reducing costs and finding ways to live a manageable lifestyle is probably something you care deeply about.

So can living aboard save you money versus an apartment or home purchase? Sure. Will it save you money? That depends. Some folks choose this lifestyle for the sole purpose of saving money. Others love the lifestyle. Still others seek the luxury of a multi-million dollar yacht with a full time crew. Some are comfortable with few amenities.  Some allow maintenance to slip. Others are much the opposite. With these variables in mind I created a spreadsheet to help you assess your own choices and circumstances. Here is the link: CLICK HERE FOR SPREADSHEET. I’m proud of this spreadsheet since it captures most of the items you should consider.

  1. Thanks! My wife and I are interested in living aboard a powerboat (approx 45-55′) next year. We have not found the boat yet but we are looking and learning. Perhaps just for a year or two as we take early retirement and yearn to get back to the water and boating that we enjoyed growing up with and earlier in life as young adults. After we turned 30 we moved away from the water to pursue careers and family. Now the kids are grown and have their lives so we are ready to heed that calling that we both hear… even if just for one last adventure at sea. We want to the the ‘Great Loop’ and perhaps the FL keys and some islands.

    We have never lived on a boat, so that is the “big unknown”.

    Your book, site, articles, etc are of value. Thanks!

    more research and talking to do, a lot more, but if it is to happen 2017 is the year.

    Best always

  2. Thank you for the spreadsheet. Here in Southern California, the marina seems to be such a variable cost — from $18 a foot for a slip to $55 a foot, and not all allow liveaboards, of course. One online resource that I am using is activecaptain.com, which is great, but it seems to take a lot of effort to find a place that will work.

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