As a bit of a surprise, I ended up finding myself on the Jerry Doyle radio show as one of the nice benefits of the LA Times article.  Jerry is fantastic and, to me, a household name, and this was a very special experience for me.  My little six minutes of fame.  I  just received the sound file of my appearance and thought I’d post this for your listening pleasure.

While there are always things I would do differently (like us the word “um” less), my overall impression of this experience is that this was an awful lot of fun.  As this was only the second time to ever do this, I’m pretty ecstatic.  And when it comes to helping promote the liveaboard lifestyle, I  believe that it is things like this that help us to be perceived not as aberrant (and dare I say insane), but really quite normal if just a touch alternative.

So without further adieu,   Jerry Doyle Show segment on Living Aboard Boats

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