Get Prepared!!! Operation Liveaboard

FWC News – FWC gears up for Operation Liveaboard As you all know, I am not a rogue liveaboard.  I believe in personal responsibility and that most of our boating laws (not all mind you) are designed for safety and the public good.  Lights, fire extinguishers, etc.

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Rainy Days Living on a Boat

Not too informative – but entertaining blog entry.   Personally, I love my time aboard when the weather keeps me down.  I settle in and really enjoy the downtime.  With children is a whole other matter… Rain Days Living on a Boat with Children

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Here is Boat US discussion of the Clean Boating Act

BoatUS.com: Government Affairs Congress Tackles Discharge Permits BoatUS Magazine – July 2007 (press time early June – updated information at bottom) Six years ago, a number of environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the federal Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to control the spread of aquatic

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Clean Boating Act – Please Read and Consider!

US SAILING News Court Ruling Poses Threat to Sailors: Sailors need to act NOW to avoid pending permit requirementsOver 18 million recreational boats – including yours – could soon be required to comply with a new permit system if Congress does not pass the Clean Boating Act

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The Liveaboard Report

Review of The Liveaboard Report: A Boat Dweller’s Guide to What Works and What Doesn’t by Charlie Wing | Boating, Fishing, and Camping in California on the Ocean, Bay, Delta, Lakes, and Rivers Review of The Liveaboard Report: A Boat Dweller’s Guide to What Works and What

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