Another WILD book review: Essentials of Living AboardAnother WILD book review: Essentials of Living Aboard

I love that this book keeps getting noticed.  Here is a review  of the Essentials that I enjoyed reading. paws and reflect…: aboard…

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Living Aboard Costs

Here is an article on living aboard costs.  I must say that I do have some differences with the conclusion of this article but its points are well taken.  Then again, perhaps my video on living aboard costs is intended to be eye-opening in its own way. 

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A great page dedicated to living aboard: Tinyhouseblog.com

Living on a Boat And be sure to note the wonderful mention of this site, blog and book.  It was unprompted and generous.  Thank you very much.  BUT… even without the mention, I would be linking to this page nonetheless.  And check out all of the other

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Cutting the Tether: Banking and Finance Made Easy No Matter Where in the World You Are

Cutting the Tether: Banking and Finance Made Easy(er) for Liveaboards One of the cruising liveaboard’s greatest challenges has to do with managing finances while away from the home port. The simple tasks of staying in touch, getting cash, receiving bills and paying bills were impossible. Although many

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Liveaboards, Money Laundering and the Homeless

In 1990 the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering offered forty recommendations to its member countries to provide a system to help stop money laundering. After the terrorist attacks of 2001 the United States adopted the Patriot Act and the recommendations of the FATF. One of

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Here is Boat US discussion of the Clean Boating Act

BoatUS.com: Government Affairs Congress Tackles Discharge Permits BoatUS Magazine – July 2007 (press time early June – updated information at bottom) Six years ago, a number of environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the federal Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to control the spread of aquatic

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Clean Boating Act – Please Read and Consider!

US SAILING News Court Ruling Poses Threat to Sailors: Sailors need to act NOW to avoid pending permit requirementsOver 18 million recreational boats – including yours – could soon be required to comply with a new permit system if Congress does not pass the Clean Boating Act

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The Liveaboard Report

Review of The Liveaboard Report: A Boat Dweller’s Guide to What Works and What Doesn’t by Charlie Wing | Boating, Fishing, and Camping in California on the Ocean, Bay, Delta, Lakes, and Rivers Review of The Liveaboard Report: A Boat Dweller’s Guide to What Works and What

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