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Welcome back: To another dreamer…

Here is a blog by a dreamer! It is a cloudy Monday here in Los Angeles and I was thrilled to see something aspirational on this otherwise melancholy morning. Enjoy! It’s been far too long. It’s been quite a while since I posted on this blog about

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Living Aboard Advice/Stories – Richard and Mary Ann Switlik

Here is another nicely written article. Be sure to check it out!!! Richard Switlik has had a floating address for 16 years. His first residence was a 38-foot Atkins Ingrid double-ender but, when he met his wife, Mary Ann, in Bermuda, the classic wooden yacht was doomed

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Life as Adventure

i enjoyed reading this article. be sure to check it out! i’ve been thinking about this “living the adventure” thing, and one must remember that by definition the word means challenge. living aboard is a challenge with facets that i didn’t anticipate. like so many others i

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A First Person Account… by Chris Caswell

Here is some more great advice! Nice article. Living Aboard A first-person account of the live-aboard experience by Chris Caswell I live aboard a 44-foot Gulfstar trawler, which is certainly not a large boat by any means, but it literally has all the comforts of home. I

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Happy New Year Liveaboards

Wishing you a very happy new year – I wanted to share an article that I found enjoyable. – click HERE New Orleans Liveaboards Published: March/April 2005 Living Aboard magazine Yeah sure, everyone’s heard of Bourbon St., but for me, a life-long resident of New Orleans, the

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The Boater Hypocrisy

Today, lacking anything of uplifting importance to add to today’s global dialog I wanted to re-offer the world one of my favorite quotes: “It is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that

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I’ve Been Busy!!!

I must apologize for my absence. I hope that all is going well for you in your liveaboard dreams. My disappearance, however, was due to a number of life changes going on in my world. I got married and, after months of just way too much going

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Southern Boating Highlights Liveaboards

Be sure to check out the upcoming issue of Southern Boating for a great article on the liveaboard lifestyle. In case this is not yet on the stands, here is a link to a pdf of the article. And be sure to enjoy the photo of my

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Appearance on the Jerry Doyle Radio Show!!!

As a bit of a surprise, I ended up finding myself on the Jerry Doyle radio show as one of the nice benefits of the LA Times article.  Jerry is fantastic and, to me, a household name, and this was a very special experience for me.  My

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The LA Times Article! : Drop Anchor, You’re Home

How cool is this! The article has come out, and aside from a handful of factual errors that relate to me (I’m happy about them actually because I don’t want everyone to know exactly where I am), I couldn’t possibly be happier with the article. Huge thanks

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Cruising World Article – Taking a Leap of Faith

Cruising World – Taking a Leap of Faith – Excerpt from another terrific article. July 18, 2007 By Lynne Walsh We instantly fell in love with the romantic idea of living aboard a boat and sailing off into the sunset. No beachfront purchase would be necessary; we’d

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The LA Times Article

We made the Los Angeles Times Real Estate section. I don’t know what to expect, but I do know that there will be an article on living aboard boats in the upcoming Sunday edition of the times. There may even be a photo of my ugly mug

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Canada East Online on Modern Day Liveaboards

Check out this great article from Canada East Online! Modern day sailors relish adventure of everyday life aboard their boats TOBI COHEN Published Saturday July 14th, 2007 TORONTO (CP) – Although they pay $800 each month to live at the water’s edge, their home costs are a

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