How cool is this! The article has come out, and aside from a handful of factual errors that relate to me (I’m happy about them actually because I don’t want everyone to know exactly where I am), I couldn’t possibly be happier with the article. Huge thanks to Ann Brenoff who approached this subject out of the blue. So nice!

Drop anchor, you’re home – Los Angeles Times

Drop anchor, you’re home
With housing prices high, living on a boat is gaining popularity among ocean lovers.
Ann Brenoff, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 22, 2007Living aboard
There are few issues in a marina more likely to rock the boats than the topic of live-aboards — people or families who live full time on board.

For some, it’s the fulfillment of a fantasy lifestyle — the freedom to pick up anchor on a whim, living unburdened by possessions beyond one’s true needs. But the reality is that people choose to live on the water for a number of practical reasons as well.

Ok – it’s time for a bit of comedy. Here are two of the photos from the LA Times. There is nothing like having my funny mug taking up so much space in the news 🙂

LA Times Real Estate Section July 22, 2007 Lounging in the Salon

That’s enough for today. Enjoy!

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