Suenos Azules Article on Living Aboard

This is just one of those great overview articles that I come across from time to time. It’s a solid take with some sound advice. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a good overview and advice regarding life aboard. I reserve the right

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Review: Don Casey – Dragged Aboard: A Cruising Guide for the Reluctant Mate

Don Casey’s Dragged Aboard offers some good advice – but most importantly addresses the context of the reluctant partner dynamic in tight quarters. Personally, I don’t think that there is a fix to the stubborn, but there can be compromise (particularly on the happy partner’s part), things that can be done to alleviate the problems, and most importantly, the permission to pay attention to this stuff. In short, this is a worthwhile read.

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New Podcast Feed – Podbean – Living Aboard a Boat

ust signed up with Podbean, a podcast hosting site, and if this works we’ll be able to do things much faster and more efficiently. We’ll start by reposting the original 6 tutorial videos and add from there. Keep your fingers crossed!

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How Much Does it Cost to Live Aboard a Boat?

It seems like I begin every blog the same way.   It depends.  How much do you want to pay? What kind of boat would you like to live aboard? What luxuries do you need?  What location would you like as your berth? And what expenses would you

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How big a boat do I need to live aboard?

You might think that longer means more storage and comfort. It does not. Longer means longer. That’s it. There is an immense difference between a narrow 42 footer and a beamy 35.

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Another Fine Liveaboard Oriented Site

Some nice articles on this latest site for liveaboards.  Pls be sure to visit: Liveaboard Living | Live on a Boat: liveaboard sailboat. Living aboard is truly an amazing lifestyle; … Living aboard a boat is waterfront living at its best and least expensive. … Calm waters,

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Love these Personal Stories

The MARINADELREYBOATPeople Come take a walk on the wild side.Daryl, Rick, Lila, Kate and Tawny and all the others out thee are just some very nice personal examples of why so many of us have been drawn to the lifestyle. For these, and so many other reasons,

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A few bad apples and landlubber support

This attached article reflects the ongoing tension between the little board community and the community-at-large. The article itself, and the accompanying commentary, overtly reflect the ongoing tension between historic versus progressive movement, and the monetary concerns that are reflected throughout the land-based community when it comes to

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Choosing between a New or Used Boat

Here is an article that is very high level and probably not many of the issues that  I would point out when it comes to choosing the right boat.  We have posted a video on the multimedia page, which includes lots of interviews and opinions on the

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