One of the great aspects of being so involved in the liveaboard community is that I have the opportunity to be an advocate for people to get out there and live their dreams. Today I wanted to take a few moments to honor a person that I never really knew – apart from an email forum group that I participate in astrophotography. I wanted to pass along a note from a person who goes by the name “Arizona Dollar Bill” Logan submitting his last photograph to the group.

In Bill’s own words, here are a few of his parting words on what it takes to live your dream:

“It took almost 30 years to plan my retirement. I wanted a place where I could trout fish during the day and stargaze at night. Lots of cold water streams and lakes and a dark sky location, domed or roll-off-roof observatory and a nice [telescope] were my goals. During the last ten years of employment, I was scrimping and saving as well as stashing 20% into my 401K. Since I had total control over which funds to invest my 401K, I did really good with my selected mutual funds during the 90s stock market boom. I never took a sick day in the last 13 years which netted me close to 12Gs payout at retirement.

Even with two kids, both going to college, I was able to find a 1/2 acre lot abutted up against the National Forest giving me a clear unobstructed light pollution free view of the southern sky. Two years before retirement, in an effort to conserve my savings, I elected to purchase a manufactured home instead of a site-built home. I bought an economy gas-saving Honda Civic cash for going to church and shopping.

Your day will come my friend.

For you and many others who dream of a quiet place on top of a mountain, planning makes all the difference.

Caela perlucida,
Arizona “Dollar” Bill Logan
Director and Chief Astronomer
Robert Burnham Jr. Memorial Observatory
Life goal: To be the person my dog thinks I am.

I find great meaning in this.

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