I stumbled across this article this morning and thought it might be worth sharing:


An Instruction Manual

With my book, I sought to offer a definitive guide to certain types of living and a ton of considerations. Live underway and on the chain can be so varied, however, that drawing up some thoughts for any particular lifestyle can be nearly impossible.

Every person’s circumstances out there can be so varied and any similarity can feel completely lost. For instance, living on the east side of a channel can offer a strong and shifting current while the other side can be subjected to strong winds. Each condition offers important and different considerations.

Personal Experience

I had the opportunity to live off the ball (mooring) and hook (anchor) for a little bit. The author isn’t kidding about the freedom, but I’ll tell you the truth, this can be quite a wild experience. With my sinking dinghy, I relied on water taxi for trips to and from – and tough weather could make that trip literally impossible. I enjoyed the isolation and disconnection though for sure.

So with that said, check out the article and of course, feel free to contact me with any comments. Look forward to hearing from you!

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