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Richard Switlik has had a floating address for 16 years. His
first residence was a 38-foot Atkins Ingrid double-ender but, when he
met his wife, Mary Ann, in Bermuda, the classic wooden yacht was doomed
in favor of a larger yacht. Before that happened, though, the Switliks
spent 13 months cruising 13,000 miles through the Med and Caribbean on
an extended honeymoon. “One thing I’ve learned over the years,” says
Switlik, “is that as long as you’re traveling on a boat, you can get by
on the next size down. But as soon as you spend dock time on a boat, it
begins to shrink in size”.

The couple now own a 1979 Gulfstar 47 ketch, which Richard calls “the ideal liveaboard boat…

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