Portrait of a Family Living Aboard in Winter

Portrait of a Family Living Aboard in Winter: Boston Family of Four Braves Marina Winter on their Boat Portrait of a Family Living Aboard in Winter Boston Family of Four Braves Marina Winter on their Boat

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Some thoughts on life aboard in foreign waters –

How To Live Aboard A Boat #2, Clearing Customs The most important rule to remember, one that some Americans forget, is that this is not your country and the island customs agents want you to acknowledge that fact and give them respect.

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Get Prepared!!! Operation Liveaboard

FWC News – FWC gears up for Operation Liveaboard As you all know, I am not a rogue liveaboard.  I believe in personal responsibility and that most of our boating laws (not all mind you) are designed for safety and the public good.  Lights, fire extinguishers, etc.

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Rainy Days Living on a Boat

Not too informative – but entertaining blog entry.   Personally, I love my time aboard when the weather keeps me down.  I settle in and really enjoy the downtime.  With children is a whole other matter… Rain Days Living on a Boat with Children

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Another WILD book review: Essentials of Living AboardAnother WILD book review: Essentials of Living Aboard

I love that this book keeps getting noticed.  Here is a review  of the Essentials that I enjoyed reading. paws and reflect…: aboard…

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Living Aboard Costs

Here is an article on living aboard costs.  I must say that I do have some differences with the conclusion of this article but its points are well taken.  Then again, perhaps my video on living aboard costs is intended to be eye-opening in its own way. 

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A great page dedicated to living aboard: Tinyhouseblog.com

Living on a Boat And be sure to note the wonderful mention of this site, blog and book.  It was unprompted and generous.  Thank you very much.  BUT… even without the mention, I would be linking to this page nonetheless.  And check out all of the other

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