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Living Aboard Podcast – The Costs of Living Aboard (Episode 5)

This is the final podcast of the original 5 part series. I’d like to take some time to chat about liveaboard and boating costs. When I first started along my journey aboard, I had thought of only the primary 4 or 5 costs – boat payment, interest, insurance and the marina rental. Wow was that naive.

Episode 5 is a review of the ‘free!’ liveaboard spreadsheet (free on, explaining different costs among a few different scenarios. It is just for discussion purposes, but at least the categories of life aboard are covered.

SO… hope this doesn’t scare you away from the lifestyle. Just hoping everyone goes in with their eyes open. It is the key to success.


Living Aboard Podcast – Marinas

Let’s continue our journey aboard with a discussion about marinas – featuring our special guest marina owner Tom Cox. Enjoy!


Living Aboard Podcast – Choosing a Boat Part II

Let’s continue with Episode 3 on Choosing a Boat. Here is Part II. Enjoy!


Living Aboard Podcast – Choosing a Boat – Part 1

Here you’ll find part 1 of the episode on choosing a boat. Some great interviews here.


Living Aboard Podcast – The Basics (Episode 2)

Check out Episode 2 of the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat Podcast.  Enjoy!


Podcast 1: Intro to Living Aboard a Boat (Video)

Here is a short intro to living aboard a boat – by me – Mark Nicholas


New Podcast Feed – Podbean – Living Aboard a Boat

Well… it’s been a load of problems lately with assembling the new podcast episodes. So hopefully we have a fix. We just signed up with Podbean, a podcast hosting site, and if this works we’ll be able to do things much faster and more efficiently. We’ll start by reposting the original 6 tutorial videos and add from there. Keep your fingers crossed!

Livingaboard No. 5: Costs

At long last, I am happy to offer a discussion of the costs of boating and a guide through the free spreadsheet available at

The Podcast is Alive!

You can now find the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat videos all over the place. Check out Podcast Alley, iTunes, Yahoo Podcasts and others to subscribe!

Livingaboard No 4: Marinas

Welcome to part four in the series on living aboard boats. In this edition we discuss some of the considerations in choosing a marina. Once again, it is hosted by me, Mark Nicholas.

Livingaboard No 3: Choosing a Boat

Here is the third of the videos, a discussion on choosing a liveaboard boat. The video includes interviews on a few of the issues related to choosing a boat. The people I interviewed are real experts and I am so glad that they decided to participate.

Livingaboard No 2: Liveaboard Basics

Ok – here we are again! This is the second video in the series – a discussion of the basics of the lifestyle. In doing this video, I interview Chris Birch, a marine technician from Boston, Don Stonehill, President of the Liveaboard Association of Puget Sound, Rob Doty, a liveaboard and webmaster in Jacksonville, FL, and a few others. I hope that you find this helpful.

Livingaboard No 1: Introduction to Living Aboard

Welcome to the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat, hosted by me, author and liveaboard Mark Nicholas. This four part series will highlight issues associated with living aboard, as well as choosing a boat as well as a marina. I hope you find this helpful. Remember, be sure to check out for some great information, including the book: The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat.