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  1. Hey…
    i am very interested in starting a new life on a liveaboard sailboat. It will be just me and a female friend, yes i said friend not girlfriend. We want to island hop in the carribean until we either sink or run out of money. Speaking of money, does anyone have a rough estimate of the monthly costs for life style like this. I would like a high estimate and a low, meaning high with lots of pleasures. To low cost with bare needs to live. I was thinkin a 30 footerish with as wide as beam as i can find. Must be able to single hand the girl right..? What is the best type of material for a boat to be made out of as far as maintenace.? Is it a good idea to buy something that needs work and do this work for a year or 2 before throwing into the water.? Or is it better to buy one “turn key” ready to sail.? I live in the pacific northwest, and would think about purchasing a boat in the seattle area or portland and sail it down to mexico and thru the panama canal on route to the carribean. Or is that just not a doable trip. This will be my first cruiser, i have sailed alot, but i am talking 18ft hobie cats, sunfish on lake. I was in the navy though. LOL seriously i was, but i know that doesnt qualify me as a sailor. Is there legal mumbo jumbo you have to go thru. Meaning, licence, coast guard certificates or anything like that. Let me sum up my plans for retirement. 30 footer, with bare needs, island hop in carribean with as little money as possible until i fade away. Power will be as cheap as i can or wind, will mostly stay away from state side this a dream that cannot be reached. I dont have a million dollars in my bank..Thanks for any help you can give me, great website and hope to hear from someone. Jerry Milne

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