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New Podcast Feed – Podbean – Living Aboard a Boat

ust signed up with Podbean, a podcast hosting site, and if this works we’ll be able to do things much faster and more efficiently. We’ll start by reposting the original 6 tutorial videos and add from there. Keep your fingers crossed!

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The Podcast is Alive!

You can now find the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat videos all over the place. Check out Podcast Alley, iTunes, Yahoo Podcasts and others to subscribe!

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Livingaboard No 4: Marinas

Welcome to part four in the series on living aboard boats. In this edition we discuss some of the considerations in choosing a marina. Once again, it is hosted by me, Mark Nicholas.

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Livingaboard No 3: Choosing a Boat

Here is the third of the videos, a discussion on choosing a liveaboard boat. The video includes interviews on a few of the issues related to choosing a boat. The people I interviewed are real experts and I am so glad that they decided to participate.

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Livingaboard No 2: Liveaboard Basics

Ok – here we are again! This is the second video in the series – a discussion of the basics of the lifestyle. In doing this video, I interview Chris Birch, a marine technician from Boston, Don Stonehill, President of the Liveaboard Association of Puget Sound, Rob

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Livingaboard No 1: Introduction to Living Aboard

Welcome to the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat, hosted by me, author and liveaboard Mark Nicholas. This four part series will highlight issues associated with living aboard, as well as choosing a boat as well as a marina. I hope you find this helpful. Remember, be

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