Living Aboard Podcast – The Costs of Living Aboard (Episode 5)

Living Aboard Podcast – The Costs of Living Aboard (Episode 5)

This is the final podcast of the original 5 part series. I’d like to take some time to chat about liveaboard and boating costs. When I first started along my journey aboard, I had thought of only the primary 4 or 5 costs – boat payment, interest, insurance and the marina rental. Wow was that naive.

Episode 5 is a review of the ‘free!’ liveaboard spreadsheet (free on, explaining different costs among a few different scenarios. It is just for discussion purposes, but at least the categories of life aboard are covered.

SO… hope this doesn’t scare you away from the lifestyle. Just hoping everyone goes in with their eyes open. It is the key to success.


Living Aboard Podcast – Marinas

Living Aboard Podcast – Picking Your Marina –

Let’s continue our journey aboard with a discussion about marinas – featuring our special guest marina owner Tom Cox. Enjoy!


Living Aboard Podcast – Choosing a Boat Part II

Living Aboard a Boat Podcast – Part II on Choosing a Boat

Let’s continue with Episode 3 on Choosing a Boat. Here is Part II. Enjoy!


Living Aboard Podcast – Choosing a Boat – Part 1

Living Aboard a Boat Podcast – Choosing a Boat – Part 1

Here you’ll find part 1 of the episode on choosing a boat. Some great interviews here.


Suenos Azules Article on Living Aboard

This is just one of those great overview articles that I come across from time to time. It’s a solid take with some sound advice. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for a good overview and advice regarding life aboard. I reserve the right to disagree with the advice of course, but the more you hear if you are considering the lifestyle the better.

Click HERE for the link!

Living Aboard Podcast – The Basics (Episode 2)

Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat Podcast – Episode 2 – The Basics

Check out Episode 2 of the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat Podcast.  Enjoy!


I’m Back! Many apologies to my fellow live aboards

In future podcasts we’ll talk about living aboard, and the things that have changed with life aboard – including the iPad, apps, 3G and so forth. It’s good to be back.

Ok – it’s been too long… I know. There are quite a few emails that I’ve received lately asking if all is well and whether there will be more podcasts, etc. There will be – and I do apologize for the delay. I think that I’ve got a few good excuses – a new book, family stuff, etc.

The truth is that there is much that we can do together – we’ll start with a discussion of the state of living aboard, and then move on to a discussion of living aboard in different locales. It’ll be pretty cool.

It is important to mention that the existing videos are all still right on – not much changes in the boating world, and the things that drive us to life aboard (the hopes, dreams, aspirations, etc.) really haven’t changed. But we’ll visit on those things that have changed (the iPad for instance) – and we’ll even do a review of the iPad, apps, 3G and so forth from the living aboard and convenience perspective. It’ll be pretty cool.

As always, please feel free to drop a note if I can help with anything. For those of you who do write me, you can vouch for the fact that I do actually write back.