“Dollar Bill” and a Comment on “Dreaming”

One of the great aspects of being so involved in the liveaboard community is that I have the opportunity to be an advocate for people to get out there and live their dreams. Today I wanted to take a few moments to honor a person that I

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The Podcast is Alive!

You can now find the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat videos all over the place. Check out Podcast Alley, iTunes, Yahoo Podcasts and others to subscribe!

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Tom’s Tips for Living Aboard

Tom’s top tips for living aboard Boat/US Magazine – Find Articles Tom’s top tips for living aboard Boat/US Magazine, July, 2004 by Tom Neale I used to read all about “cruising” in the magazines. The people doing it took pride in things like bathing in a quart

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Boat Surveyors and Liveaboard Fixer Uppers

There was a post on one of the recent forums from a prospective live-aboard who is interested in purchasing a boat that he believes is a perfect bargain home – and he might be right. But he might be wrong, and if he is, based on his

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Livingaboard No 4: Marinas

Welcome to part four in the series on living aboard boats. In this edition we discuss some of the considerations in choosing a marina. Once again, it is hosted by me, Mark Nicholas.

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Home is Where the Wind Goes

Here is another terrific article on living aboard, from a couple who lives aboard year round. Home is where the Wind Goes “Who needs terra firma? Couple loves life aboard 34-foot sailboat, even in shrink-wrapped winter” – For Canada Day, Norman Finlay and his wife, Cheryl Hughes,

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Livingaboard No 3: Choosing a Boat

Here is the third of the videos, a discussion on choosing a liveaboard boat. The video includes interviews on a few of the issues related to choosing a boat. The people I interviewed are real experts and I am so glad that they decided to participate.

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Livingaboard No 2: Liveaboard Basics

Ok – here we are again! This is the second video in the series – a discussion of the basics of the lifestyle. In doing this video, I interview Chris Birch, a marine technician from Boston, Don Stonehill, President of the Liveaboard Association of Puget Sound, Rob

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The Liveaboard Achilles Heal

This is a little bit of a rant.  Today, we had the photo shoot for the LA Times article, and person in the next boat, someone who has been denied a liveaboard slip in the LA area, started complaining about how horrible liveaboards are treated and the

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Live Aboard Trends

There is a bit of a rebirth going on when it comes to living aboard. Yesterday I gave an interview to the LA Times Deputy Real Estate Editor and we are going to shoot some pics tomorrow for an upcoming edition of the paper. How about that?

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Livingaboard No 1: Introduction to Living Aboard

Welcome to the Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat, hosted by me, author and liveaboard Mark Nicholas. This four part series will highlight issues associated with living aboard, as well as choosing a boat as well as a marina. I hope you find this helpful. Remember, be

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The Liveaboard Bum

EJ and Florrie’s website, The Casual Sailor made me laugh. Here’s an excerpt. He’s got a point! The Liveaboard Department 2. Something of a “bum” mentality. The relaxed lifestyle of the layabout starts to become appealing when you live aboard. After a while, it doesn’t get to

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Living Aboard article by The Macnaughton Group

Here is a great article on living aboard by The MacNaughton Group. Click on the link for the full article. Click: Living Aboard for the article.  Here is an excerpt: Our feeling is that an appreciation of Nature and one’s place in it should be the primary

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The NEW Living Aboard Website is Alive!

How fun!  Finally, the multimedia works on the new version of the website, including the fancy video of me making an introduction.  There are some great educational videos (at least I hope that they’re great), a new look and feel, and my hope that the site is

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Hello Liveaboard World!

This is the official beginning of my second liveaboard blog. The first was lost when I changed web hosts. That should never happen again now that I am hosting this directly on WordPress. It doesn’t look as nice or have the same functionality, but it should do

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